I don’t know about you but I love ‘love stories.’ I must have read hundreds of Mills &Boon titles by the time I left secondary school. (Any witnesses in the house?) lol.

When I gave my life to Christ, that love did not change so I became a sucker for love stories with Christian themes- The Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and Lori wick and so on could not turn them out fast enough for my voracious reading appetite.

By the way, I have a thing for love notes and love letters too. I’m sure if I search my room well enough, I’ll still find some as old as 15 years ago. (Stop looking at me funny, I know some of you still have them too.) lol!

Why do we like love stories and keep love notes? We re-read them over and over and we can almost quote some of them verbatim with sheepish smiles on our faces.

Why am I going on and on about this? Well I want to tell my own very brief version of a popular love story and so I’m setting the scene .Here it goes:

There was once a woman who committed murder. According to the law, she was to be killed. Her execution date was set and she cooling her heels in prison awaiting the day.

On the day of her execution, the door to her cell opens and she is told she’s free to go. When she asks why, she is told another person has chosen to die in her place fulfilling the requirement of the law.

Who is this person and what does He want in return or hope to gain from taking my punishment?

I don’t know who he is the jailer answered. He only asks that I give you this book.

She takes the book from the jailer and opens it.

The first page read ‘I love you so much I couldn’t let you die. You don’t know me yet. That’s why I sent you this book. It contains all you need to know about me and more. I hope that in time you will come to love me back’.

It was unsigned.

The End.

What do you think the girl did with the book? More importantly, what do you do with yours?

The characters in the story represent you and I. The girl represents you and I,-we’ve committed sins for which death is the only punishment.

Jesus is the person who took your place so you wouldn’t die because He loves you too much.

Your Bible is the book-His love letter to you. Only when you study it can you begin to know  and understand His heart and His motives.

It is only when you understand the love story that you can begin to reciprocate the love.

Are you reading your love notes? Are you reading His love story?

Do you understand it?

Are you reciprocating the love?

I need to go back to my Love story.

I need to go back to my Bible.

Who’s with me?




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