There are certain sins in my life that I find myself confessing every day.  These things are just daily struggles.

If you don’t have anything like that in your life, I thank God for you.(I want to be like you when  I grow up) lol.

But if you’re like me and there’s something(s) that you find yourself confessing every time you pray, read on.

I was just going about my day when the follow words started to haunt me:

Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand’-Mathew 3:2

I am saved, sanctified and sealed, so I knew the message was beyond giving my life to Christ. As I began to ponder and ask God what He meant, this is what I’ve learnt:

The reason I’m confessing a particular issue all the time is that I am not repenting of the issues I’m confessing. My confessions are sincere but I am not repenting.

What does it mean to repent? The Amplified bible puts it this way: ‘Repent ([a]think differently; change your mind, regretting your sins and changing your conduct), for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’.-Mathew 3:2

Therefore, with repentance, it’s not just enough to be and say I’m sorry for my sin, my conduct has to change.  For my conduct to change, the way I think about my sin must change. I need to see sin the way God sees it.

If all I’m doing is confessing and not repenting, my salvation is on shaky ground.

Repentance takes work. I have to consciously choose to change my thoughts and subsequently my actions in the areas I’m constantly confessing.

I need to stop giving excuses.

The mirror of the word has just exposed another blemish.

God! Help your daughter!

Who’s with me?






  1. I feel you pal,my thought sometimes goes to this scriptures that says “confess your faults to one another”…if we can sincerely have someone that watch our back and not backbite we could easily drop those little foxes and weight that easily besets us. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and Jesus our advocate. Confess and repent; a real concious effort.God helps us to be upright always

  2. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God! Am also involved in some habits but His Mercy and Grace is made sufficient for me. God bless you richly. GRACE AND MERCY…

  3. This is it! Most of us do not really go beyond “confession”. Thank you Tobi, I struggle with that too, hm.. shebi I have confessed and ask for forgiveness? Often times, I still have that same attitude that got me to do that which led to “confession” and I expect the offended not be “reoffended”ifyou get what I mean. Yes, the key is to work to walk away from that or those attitudes and behaviours that lead us to the alter ofconfession and that I think is to be repentant.

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