If you’re like me, when you gave your life to Christ, you said something along the lines of ‘I accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior’.

I’ve noticed over time that we don’t have a problem with the savior part. I mean who would? We all want to go to heaven, we are all guilt ridden and fact that someone is willing to exchange His innocence for our guilt is just too good to be true, so we jump at the offer.

Then we hit the snag. When Jesus becomes your savior  he also becomes your Lord. A lot of us struggle with the ‘Lord’ part. I know I do.

Before you feel like this does not apply to you, check out the definition of the word ‘Lord’:

‘A person who has authority, control or power over others’.[1]

Who has the final authority over your decisions? Is it your emotions or God’s word?

When you go to talk to God, are you constantly demanding or reporting for duty?

Is your obedience to God really total or is it limited to when it’s convenient?

Are you always questioning his directions?

Are you completely surrendered to Him or are there still areas that He has no say in?

I could go on and on.

Is Jesus really your Lord?

I know sometimes I act like I own myself.  I forget that I’ve been bought at a price-a very precious price.

I forget he’s my commanding officer and I answer only to him.

If He’s not my Lord, I can’t please Him.

Lord help me!

I give it all back. Everything I’ve held back held on to and refused to surrender.

Jesus, Be my Lord and not just my savior.

Who’s with me?








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