Recently I was going through the account of creation and I realized a few things.

There is a difference between creation and formation.-Compare Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:7.

Creation happens in the spiritual, Formation is the physical manifestation of what has been created in the spiritual.

Now that’s interesting, but this is the part that blows my mind away, there is a time lapse between creation and formation.[1]

There are certain promises/prophecies that have been spoken into my life. The day they were spoken, they became created. Some of them have been formed and quite a number are still awaiting formation.

I need to let God finish the Job.

Waiting is not fun, delays are not interesting. But God uses it.

He’s teaching us patience.

I also realized that the order of creation is not always the order of formation[2]. The order in which you received the promise /prophecy may not be the order in which it is fulfilled.

Stop preempting God, He’s got the blueprint.

I need to let God do it in his own order.

Like a friend of mine and pastor will say: Give God time to bless you. Every farmer knows that there is a time difference between seed time and harvest. Give God time to bless you.

You are God’s creation. Allow God to complete the job. Don’t short circuit the process. Wait out the time lapse. God’s not left the workshop, He’ll finish the job.

I need to let God finish many things in my life.

Lord, teach me to wait till I’m fully formed.

Who’s with me?


[1] Genesis 2:2-3

[2] Genesis 2:4-9


7 Replies to “LET GOD FINISH”

  1. It’s that patience to wait and not knowing the “when” that is the “problem”. The interesting thing is that we do not have the ability to short circuit God’s plan, so wait we must, the only different is that some people are waiting and complaining while some are happily waiting and the choice is ours; wait grumbling or wait happily, I choose the later.

  2. tobiloaajayi: I agree, but i think, wisdom can be apply, we don’t need to put God in a rush by grumbling & all, but we can apply wisdom to hasten up our miracles because we don’t know the timing, we might have even missed the time.

    If Jacob had decided to leave the angel and wait that God will do it at His best time, he would have missed it.

    As a son of the Most high, knowing with Him all things are possible, we can apply wisdom to either hasten our miracles or recover the lost ones by giving Special Praises, Sowing Special Seed, Reverse tithing (giving God 90% and taking 10%), special fasting & praying e.t.c, So as a son we are permitted to hasten or accelerate our miracles.

    Even the bible says, ask and it shall be giving, whether you are entitled to the miracle or not, as long as u are a son and u ask, he will make u eat others labour…. smilessssssssss

  3. @zimuzondu: I agree with you 100%. Wait grumbling or wait happily?
    I choose to wait happily, waiting happily is faith,
    Even while waiting happily we must remember faith without works is dead, we are to do the unusual thing to get an unusual miracle. Hannah waited until the year she put her faith to works in shiloh, by doing the unusual….. he poured out her mind and back it up with a sacrifice of winning a soul (Samuel) for God. Don’t just wait doing the normal routine, do something else from what you have been doing to get a better result, like Evangelizing more, Increase your Praises, Increase your tithe, Sow a seed for your desired miracle, make a covenant you can fulfil with God and all….. God bless us all

    @tobilolaajayi: God bless you

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