In my earlier post on fruit before gifts, I concluded by saying that without the fruit of the Spirit, the gifts did not amount to much.

(Read the earlier post here:

But my pondering did not stop there. I had a very interesting conversation with a friend about the importance of the fruit and how it was so not easy to live up to the Galatians 5:22 list.

As the conversation progressed, we discovered certain things (Iron sharpening Iron) that I just have to share. It’s a pretty amazing discovery I promise.   Here it goes:

In every translation of the bible, Galatians 5:22 always talks about the ‘fruit’ of the spirit in singular and then goes on to list nine things. (go on and check if you need confirmation).That fact always kind of stumped me but I agreed with the majority of Christians that this was deliberate because God wanted to let us know that we could not manifest one fruit and leave out the other; it is all or nothing.

I have come to discover in recent times that all that we need as Christians is a single fruit. Once we can manifest that single fruit, the rest would be covered. Therefore the use of the singular form ‘fruit’ is apt.

Before I get accusations of blasphemy, hear me out.

The single fruit you need is LOVE. If we can truly love each other, the requirements of the remaining eight fruit would have been satisfied. Don’t take my word for it, read up 1 Corinthians 4:3-7

Let me shock you some more-this single fruit trumps every single gift- I Corinthians 12-13:3 points that out.

And to cap it all, this singular fruit summaries the entire law- Mathew 22:40

If I can love God’s way, then I’m good to go.

Loving God’s way is so not an emotion. It is a God backed decision.

It makes me just like Jesus.

And my flesh is going to fight it!

I’m going back to the prayer I borrowed from Joyce Meyer a while ago and I’ve stopped praying:

‘Lord, reduce me to Love’!

Who’s with me?








  1. @Tobilobaajayi: I am 100% with you ma, you are a genius through the help of the Holy Spirit. I can see the prophesy coming to past in your life….
    Joel 2: 28 says ”
    Then after doing all those things,
    I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh,
    Your sons and daughters will prophesy,
    Your old men will dream dreams
    and your young men will see vision. This great insight is only by the Spirit of God. I bless God for you.

    Anyone who can LOVE God genuinely, not because of problems, blessings, or anything we want from him, will automatically love every of his or her neighbors and will automatically carry the other 8 which makes a complete Fruit of the holy spirit. if you can boldly say what shall seperate me from the love of God? then you are a carrier of the Fruit of the Spirit.

    Tobilobaajayi I concur….. if you don’t agree with this, feel free to send your comment. God bless you ma

  2. lord,pls reduce me to love.make love my lifestyle,a me to love u cos loving u truly makes loving othas help me God

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