Have you ever been asked the question ‘Who are you’? How did you answer? If you are like me and   most people, you started to talk about the things you do either for a living or for fun.

It’s a common trend to define ourselves by what we do, hence the constant need to compare and the desire to outdo one another. We’ve not been taught any different, our parents ingrained it in all of us and the society passed it down well.

Statements like ‘You’re still————-(fill in the gaps) ,all your mates are…..’ abound throughout life.

The church is not immune either, the pressure will mount whether you are a born again, tongue speaking demon chasing Christian or not.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably had times when it becomes a bit overwhelming and you begin to equate your value as a human being to the things you’ve achieved or not achieved yet and you begin to begin to look down on yourself because ‘they’ have you thinking you don’t measure up.

The bible clears up the confusion. It reminds me that those that compare themselves with themselves are not wise.[1]

Take pride in your accomplishments. It’s good for you but don’t derive your entire life value from what you achieve or don’t achieve, have or don’t have, do or don’t do.

You are valuable, just because you exist.

When God made you, He made a human BEING, not a human DOING.-Genesis 2:7

As much as what you do is important, It is not who you are.

You are not what you do!

You are valuable because you are!

So the next time someone asks me who is ‘Tobiloba Ajayi’? I need to remember to answer:

Tobioba is a Child of God,

That’s who I am!

That’s who you are too.

You are not what you do!

I need a re-orientation.

Lord Help!

Who’s with me?


[1] 2 Cor 10:12


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