The first Sunday of every month is tagged ‘Thanksgiving Sunday’ in the church  I attend and so we got talking on Thanksgiving. The Pastor quoted Psalms 100:4 to buttress a point and the verse  just would not let me go.

The Scripture reads:

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.’

It particularly struck me that as much as thanksgiving-which is basically appreciating God for what he has done, is important; it only gets us into the ‘gates’

Praise on the other hand-paying homage to God because of who He is, does us one better, it gets us into the ‘courts’.

I mean those are good places to be in. Even with an earthly king, getting into the gates requires a certain password. The courts? A higher security clearance.

How much more when we’re dealing with God?

But I am looking for more; I’m not just content to sit at the gates or wait in the courts for audience. So I asked, what gets me into the inner chamber?

This is what I found in John 4:23:

 A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true (genuine) worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality); for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers.’

God is looking for worshipers! He’s actively searching for them. Imagine with me the access that a worshipper would get. The benefits?

A close, intimate, inner chamber relationship with God. Ask  David.

I want to be pursued by God. I need to cultivate a life of worship.

Who’s with me?



11 Replies to “BE PURSUED BY GOD”

  1. Hey tobi…I get that you have good intentions with this post. A few issues though. I doubt the difference between thanksgiving and praise is so clear cut. Is it truly possible to know who someone is apart from what He has done? How do you know I am good apart from the good things I do? I hope you catch my drift. To me the passage is more of a parallelism; saying the same thing in different ways.

    The idea of doing stuff, especially praising, because u want to get something from God, be it blessings or “another level”, is quite worrisome. Praise should flow out of a grateful heart, especially in the light of what God has DONE for us in Christ Jesus.

    I write this not to castigate but with a heart of love and I hope we would be able to engage in robust dialogue for our mutual edification. Grace and peace.

    1. I totally get your drift but I still maintain there’s a marked difference between thanksgiving and praise. I do not think the bible uses words interchangeably-that’s another discussion for another day. In no way am I Implying that you praise God for what He’s done,its quite the opposite.

      Thanks for taking time to read and comment. I really appreciate it.

  2. Hi tobi. Perhaps I didn’t convey my thoughts clearly enough. The point of my post is “praising God for what He has done is not a LOWER version of praise”. The dichotomy doesn’t really exist. If you believe it does, I would like to learn. I also Haven’t seen evidence for “levels of worship”

    1. Thanksgiving focuses on what you get and only gives thanks for receiving. Praise takes it up a notch by continuing not just because of the gift but the giver, worship is a lifestyle. I don’t think the post said anything about levels of worship.

      Thanks again for reading.


  3. “I’m not just content to sit at the gates or
    wait in the courts for audience. So I asked, what gets me into the
    inner chamber?”
    Those r the levels u mentioned. And u said thanksgiving gets u into the gates, and so on.

    Like I mentioned in my first post, its IMPOSSIBLE to separate who person is from what he does. Both of them are inextricably linked. How do you know God is faithful? or Good, or kind?

    1. If you say that it is impossible to separate a person from what the do, then I guess if you tell an occasional lie, then you are a liar. And the fact that you as a born again Christian sins occasionally makes you a sinner. If that’s what you believe, enjoy! 

      But I choose to believe in the distinction between who I am and what I do. I am so NOT what I do. I am a humanbeing, not a human doing.

      Finally, I did not write the bible, I only explained it as revealed to me. You do not have to agree. That’s what makes life interesting.

      I pray God continues to give us understanding of His Word. 



  4. UI like that we have been able to exchange views so far in a civil manner. This is usually, and sadly, rare in online correspondence. Thanks for your graceful responses so far.

    Concerning the bible, there cannot be “my meaning” and “your meaning”. There can only be “God’s meaning”.

    Hence either one, or both of us, is wrong. Relativism does not apply here. That is why I keep replying, so if I am wrong I can discard my erroneous view.

    As to your Analogy, it only holds if the definition of “christian” is “one who does not commit sin AT ALL”. If, and only if, that is true, can one who lied not be a christian. And we both know that that’s not the definition. So your analogy breaks down and hence does not apply here.

    My question still stands: how do you know that someone is good, or kind, or faithful?

  5. I can choose to believe someone is good before I see the evidence, just like I can choose to praise God before he does something-that’s faith!

    By the way, your last comment lost me, hence my response on the last part only. That’s the part I understand.

    1. Lemme rephrase: what defines the characteristic of good, or kind, or just?

      As to the other part, I was pointing out that relativism (different strokes for different folks) doesn’t apply in interpreting the scriptures. There’s no “my truth” or “your truth”, just “God’s truth”.

      I was also pointing out the inadequacies of your example. Please do well to read it again. Grace and peace.

  6. Tobilobaajayi: U are indeed a blessing to this generations, thanks for the clearity…. I want to be a man of WORSHIP…. who will forever worship Him for whom He is and all is benefits. My prayer for u is that ur hearing ears shall forever be bless to hear better in Jesus name…. would have write more but need to settle some iss now dear….. We are proud of you. God Bless u ma

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