I’ll continue this study by looking at the admonition of Peter.[1]

(Read the previous post here: https://tobilobaajayi.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/loving-your-wife-gods-way-1/

He starts by telling husbands to live with their wives with understanding. What this means is that you have to take time to study and re-study your wife.

It is not a one day affair. If you have a PHD on your mother or any other woman and you have a BSC on your wife, then your priorities are wrong.

You are not allowed to demand that she conform mindlessly to an image in your head of what you or society thinks she should be, you have a job to do in’ learning’ your wife. Don’t be lazy. Get cracking.

Don’t assume anything. Ask questions, Clarify and keep clarifying, you will never stop learning and understanding, so keep at it.

It takes two to build a home and keep it standing. Men, do your part!

Your wife is not your subordinate; she is your equal partner, no matter what the society may tell you. That’s how God sees her.Treat her that way. Her opinion should always count.

Note:  I’m going feminist on you, I didn’t write the bible and its right there as clear as day.

In closing men, in case you need an incentive to love your wife God’s way. Peter concludes by saying that the way you treat your wife has a direct link to whether or not your prayers are answered.

So just in case your prayers have not been clearing the roof of your house lately, you might want to check how you’ve been treating your wife.

I’ll be back soon with some final thoughts on Loving your wife God’s way

I’m out of steam for today.


[1] I Peter 3:7


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