‘I just wasn’t feeling today’s worship. I just was not connecting’ ‘Praise and worship was on point today’. ‘Awesome worship’.

If you are a Christian in today’s world you’ve probably used these exact words or words to this effect.  I know I have.  If you’ve ever been part of a choir or a worship team, you know this is how we usually give feedback after services and rehearsals.

It was during one of these feedback sessions after a Sunday service that the above question hit me.

‘Who’s Worship? Ours or God’s? In an earlier post on worship, I talked about the ‘mood’ of worship. Now the question I’m pondering here is ‘Who is supposed to be enjoying worship?

If I buy a present for a friend, I usually would buy what they would enjoy, not what I would enjoy because it’s about them.

In simple terms, worship should be a heartfelt present from us to God. Therefore the important factor here should be that God enjoys it and not necessarily that we do.

I’m not saying we should not enjoy giving the present, we should, BUT Our joy should come from the fact that God is enjoying our worship and not the other way round.

How can we give God ‘His Worship’- A worship that He would enjoy? First we need to take our eyes off us and what appeals to our five senses- what sounds good or feels good. It is so not about us. Most of the time, we assume that once it looks or feels good to us it has to be pleasing to God.

This is not always the case. Ask Eve. The forbidden fruit looked and must have felt good too.

Note: Choir members, this is not an excuse for lack of preparation and shoddy work! You are priests leading others to the presence of God. It is not a position to be taken lightly.

Second, we need to get to know God for ourselves. If all you know about God is what your pastor tells you, then you do not know God, you only know ‘about’ Him. You cannot give someone a present they would appreciate if you do not know them well. Same rule applies; you cannot properly worship a God you do not know.

Think about it! You can always tell the friends that really know you by the presents they give to you for a celebration.

I’ll close this post with something a I heard a pastor say a while back that I thought was funny but I now find rather insightful-

(Paraphrasing) Worship is the only part of a Sunday service that is for God, they rest is for our benefit. Yet we take that part away by focusing on ourselves instead of on Him who should be the object of our worship.

Worship is about God. Let’s not allow our(myself included) focus be subtly shifted from that goal.



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