I’ve been listening to a song titled ‘God’ by Donald Lawrence since yesterday and there’s a part toward the end that says in part:

‘Whatever you do with me, it’s alright

You have my total trust’…

And I’ve found myself thinking, ‘Does God honestly have my trust totally ? If He did why do I still worry about the future and a lot of other things?

Is anything God does with me really alright by me? If I say it is, why am I so full of questions for God? Why do I get angry when things do not go according to the blueprint I have laid out?

Maybe its because I just don’t trust God enough- my view of God may be so myopic that I can only think of God in human terms therefore putting him in a box in my mind.

Mind you, I don’t mean to do it. I know in my head that I cannot box God. My head knows all about His Almightyness (pardon my French) but does this head knowledge translate to heart knowledge and therefore complete unabashed trust?

Perhaps it would serve me well to remember as the song says in the first verse:

‘Thou who knowest my beginning

Thou who created the plan

Thou orchestrated my life’s journey

God, you are my God….’

I really need to keep this in mind and truly trust God (with my heart , not my head) knowing that He will always be God.

P.S Check out the full song on youtube



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