I just can’t live without him, he’s my soul mate.  I can’t wait till I meet my soul mate.  Today is the happiest day of my life; I just married my soul mate.

We’ve all heard these clichés and probably used them as well. But as a Christian, Should I be focused on meeting or finding a soul mate?

It’s been said that a man comprises of a spirit, a soul and a body. Your spirit is the place where God dwells in every man- (The Holy Spirit dwells here too if you are born again). Your soul is where your will, emotions, and intellect dwell. Your body is the casing that houses both your spirit and your soul.

It therefore follows that if your soul is the guiding factor of your life, your life will be guided by your emotions, your will and your intellect.

What is wrong with that? You may be asking. My problem with that is that ‘Those that are led by the SPIRIT of God are the sons of God’ (Romans 8:16), not those that are led by their souls.

The time has come for me as a believer to stop being led by my soul (mind, emotions and intellect) and become led by my spirit which is in fact the spirit of Christ that dwells in me.

I should not do things because they feel right, seems right or makes logical sense but because it is right as dictated by the spirit of God that dwells in me.

As I journey through life, I will need partners, some for a reason, some for a season and some for life.

If my partners are soul mates, then the foundation is wrong. If the foundation of a relationship is emotion, will or intellect, then the foundation is faulty. No wonder so many ‘soul mate’ friendships and marriages are in shambles today.

Do I need a soul mate? I don’t think so. I’ll pray for and choose a ‘spirit’ mate instead.



2 Replies to “SOUL MATES? NO THANKS!”

  1. Read your article on wordpress. There r no rules or lay down template for finding a life partner in the Bible. It was only said “He that finds a good Wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord”. Holy Spirit will surely guide us 2 all truth no dispute about that. But when it comes 2 marital issues we need 2 find someone that complement our weakness, someone we can live with, someone that understands us and ready 2 put up with our past present and future mistakes. If a sister is Spirit filled and lacks some basic ethics will a brother settle for such? vis-a-vis. We’ve made some simple issues complex, not becos they r complex, but becos we attach un-necessary attributes 2 issues that r simply simple. I rather find someone am comfortable with than Spirit filled yet lacks the ethos of holding and keeping a happy family. For me LOVE should b the fundamentals, Jesus also preached about Love. If we truly love then there will be unity, peace and harmony.

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