This study will be incomplete if I do touch on the admonition of Peter[1].I’ll be constantly substituting adaptation with submission in this post as well so don’t get confused, I’m still on topic.

He started his admonition in about the same way as Paul but brings another interesting angle into our ‘adaptation’ as women.

Your husband does not have to be a believer for you to submit to him! The minute you married him, you responsibility to submit to him began. The question of him deserving it or not is irrelevant.

Note: The notion of I’ll submit to him when he loves me is not only unscriptural, It is wrong! Get it out of your head before you put yourself in danger of hell.!

Peter goes on to point out that ‘submission’ irrespective of the man could be the tool by which the man comes to know Christ. Ladies, don’t be a stumbling block to a man’s salvation just by refusing to submit to him because you’re the better Christian and he’s an ‘unbeliever.’

Note: The notion of ‘I cannot submit to him because he’s an unbeliever and I’m a believer is also unscriptural! It’s not being spiritual, its being proud!

Let the God you profess to know be evident in the way you relate to your husband in submission. The fact that he made a few wrong turns and choices does not in any way change the fact that ‘adaptation’ is still your responsibility.

And you know what ladies; you do not necessarily have to agree with the course of action to adapt. It is an attitude of the heart and mind.

A case in point in this passage is Sarah. Never in her story did we read that she stopped adapting to Abraham even when he lied about their relationship and consequently suggested adultery to save his neck.

Note: I’m not supporting adultery in the name of submission! I know you get the point though; I just thought to point that out.

Her submission to her husband was evident in the way she addressed her husband. How do you show your submission to your husband on a daily basis? Like we said earlier, what speaks submission differs from man to man-Learn your man and get cracking.

This brings my study on Submission God’s way to an end- six months after I started it. Thanks so much for hanging with me. I hope you’ve learnt something that will be useful to you.

I know I’ll be back to these posts for inspiration real soon!

[1] 1 Peter 3:1-6



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