LESSONS FROM AN AWESOME MUM …11 years gone yet you still speak…


You embodied motherhood, parenthood and partnership

You disciplined, corrected and trained

Kept God in the center of our consciousness

Encouraged us to individually pursue the Lord.


You taught me how to be a woman of virtue

To love unconditionally and serve selflessly

The true meaning of motherhood

How to be a wife, a true help-meet to her husband.


You showed what it meant to love the Lord

Practically in service and in everyday life

You pushed me beyond the limits I could see

And never let me settle for less than I was worth.


You played your role though the time was short

You did all you did with all your heart and soul

Your exit, though so abrupt and sudden

Your life, though over, still speaks.


Thank you mummy for fifteen amazing years

Years of impartation and seed sowing

Rewards of which, I reap till now

I always thank God for the angel on loan

I got to call her ‘mummy’!




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