So where did it all go wrong? Fast forward to Genesis 3 and you see the first time both parties refuse to follow God’s example and treat each other like equal partners as created by God- (Adam not passing the instructions down to Eve as he should have done and Eve deciding she knew better than her husband), They fall into sin and lose the perfection in which they were created.

Sin has consequences. You see the consequences of the fall on all parties, and particularly for the woman in Genesis 3: 16 which reads in part, ‘your desire will be for your husband and he will rule over you’. This, I personally believe marked the beginning of what we now call ‘the battle of the sexes’ or ‘male domination’.

Women have started to scheme and conspire and men have started to dominate women and trying to keeping them voiceless.

Working my way through the Old Testament, you see the theme of woman subjugation surface in various ways- Men could marry any number of wives and it would be fine, but a woman caught in adultery could only expect to be stoned to death- so i guess women getting literarily lynched for adultery are not really new lol!  Stories of women conniving and doing almost anything to get/keep a man’s love abound as well (see Leah, Sarah e.t.c)

Other examples like Abigail w ho the bible records was married to a fool, Sarah having to lie and be married off as well, so that her husband could find favour with a foreign king….  wow, sure paints a pretty sordid picture doesn’t it?

So what does this mean for women? Is it possible to get back to the original plan of God or is that just a grandiose dream?  It definitely looks like a hopeless situation. However, all is not lost God still had one last joker up His sleeve…..

Keep watching this space!

Thanks for hanging with me.



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