Submission God’s Way

If you’re a girl like me that grew up with Christian parents in (preferably in an orthodox church), you probably heard a lot about submission as a woman’s role of subservience sanctioned and instituted by God from Eden and therefore so it shall be now and forevermore Amen!

I always had a problem with this depiction but to be perceived as a good Christian girl, I kept quiet and kept my reservations to myself. I began to seek God for myself on His view of submission and below is a part of what I’m discovering by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Join me on my adventurous quest in studying biblical submission God’s way.

We see the first couple in Genesis 2. And throughout that chapter, I cannot see a place where the man was told to dominate the woman or the woman to be subservient to the man.( if you can, please point it to me) The only reference to domination I see is in Genesis 1:28 which reads ‘And God blessed them and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth  and subdue it….

If you’re like me, you’ve probably picked upon the fact that God gave ‘them’ the mandate to dominate the earth, he did not tell either one to dominate the other. They were both to be submitted to God (their maker) and play the respective roles He had given to them.

They were to learn how to relate with each other by watching the way God related with them,-as equals and as friends, hence we see God coming to them in the cool of the evening daily to hang out  with them as friends and  equal partners.

This was the original intent of God for the institution of marriage.

So, what happened? Where did it all go wrong?

Watch this space for a continuation



6 Replies to “Submission God’s Way”

  1. Any spirit filled woman will naturally submit to her husband while him also spirit filled will naturally serve, love and protect her. They positive result attracted by this very behaviour will make them want to submit more, as well as serve, love and protect more respectively.

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